Leaders of SAIC Group visit THINKTECH for investigation and research

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    On November 16, 2021, Wu Heng, general manager of SAIC's financial business department and general manager of SAIC Financial Holdings, and his colleagues visited the Changsha Branch of Shanghai Thinktech Information Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation. SAIC Motor Venture Capital has participated in the company's Series A financing in October 2021 and is an important strategic shareholder of the company.

【Pic】The guests

    Accompanied by the company's chairman Kong Min, SAIC leaders visited the high-reliability laboratory, security laboratory, R&D office and other areas in Changsha branch. The leaders of SAIC fully affirmed our company’s chip design and R&D capabilities, and through the comprehensive exchanges on the site, they have a deeper understanding of the strategic planning, product development direction and R&D capabilities of Thinktech. The independency and controllability of automotive chips coinsides with the strategic direction of the country and SAIC. It is hoped that Thinktech will seize the historic opportunity to develop rapidly and strive to become a leader in the automotive chip industry.

【Pic】SAIC leaders listen to the special report of Thinktech


    Chairman Kong Min, on behalf of Thinktech, warmly welcomed Mr. Wu Heng and his delegation, and expressed gratitude to the leaders of SAIC for their continuous encouragement and support. Thinktech will uphold the direction of technological innovation, independent and controllable development, and continue to increase investment in R&D, and make the best effort to ensure the R&D progress of chips. Thinktech will never dissapoint SAIC leaders’ high expectations. In May 2022, the second phase of the Changsha R&D Center will be fully put into use. By then, the company's R&D capabilities will surely rise to the next level, resulting in a qualitative leap.

    Through the on-site investigation and in-depth communication with SAIC leaders, the company’s confidence and motivation for rapid development have been greatly enhanced. The company will launch the automotive MCU series with leading performance and controllable supply chain according to the scheduled plan, and contribute to the development of China's automobile industry.

    SAIC Motor Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was established in June 2001 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Financial Holdings. Its "New Four Directions" strategy of electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, internationalization focuses on strategic investment in forward-looking innovative fields such as new energy, smart driving, on-board semiconductors, and mobile travel. The company uses equity investment as a link to help the group's innovation industry chain and innovation ecosystem construction.

    SAIC Motor Venture Capital manages the Group’s “New Four Directions” series of strategic investment funds represented by the Shanghai Automotive (Changzhou) Innovation Development Investment Fund. The fund has invested in a total of 15 projects including high-precision maps, fuel cells, autonomous driving algorithms, on-board chips, and carborundum. The investment amount has exceeded 8 billion yuan.

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