Mizar Automotive Security SoC

Mizar Automotive Security SoC

Vehicle Security System

Vehicle Security System

Secure Service Interface Module

Provides secure external connection service to the VSS to support I/O services include TCP/IP of Vehicle ethernet and CAN-FD.

Information Security Module

Secure data storage

Secure software execution

Data protection for privacy

Encrypted Communication Module

TLS secure communication

On-board secure communication

V2X secure communication

Security Management Module

Credential management

Entity management

Cipher processing Module

Implemented all types of crypto algorithm include global and China standard by software, as well as API for hardware security element.

Hardware Driver Module

Implemented driver API for all types of hardware element include HSM(hardware secure element,     storage, communication I/O          

ICV Security Service Platform

ICV Security Service Platform


CA center

● Application layer takes charge of management of root CA, root key and black name list

● Main feature include issue CA,CA enquire(online) and blacklist download feature



Security service Center

● Application layer takes charge of CA management and fundamental cypher processing service, which include user priority module, vehicle key management, ECU signature, Vehicle CA management, Site CA management and diagnostic tools management. 

● Main feature include cypher processing (symmetric and asymmetric), CA issue, CA enquire(online) and blacklist download feature

● Security service center is designed for modularity, it can be customized by different project requirements without impact to existing business.

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